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Audiology: An Editorial Journey by Dr. James Jerger
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This book is a must read on the evolution of audiology research over the last 20 years. Dr. James Jerger has taken editorials from the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology and grouped them together into categories showing how research in audiology has helped advance the field. Table of Contents: 1. Aging 2. Amplification 3. Audiometric Testing 4. Auditory Deprivation and Auditory Acclimatization 5. Auditory Evoked Responses and Otoacoustic Emissions 6. Auditory Processing Disorder 7. Auditory Training 8. Case Reports 9. Cochlear Implants 10. Directional Microphones 11. Issues Impacting the Profession 12. Research Issues 13. Screening 14. Speech Understanding 15. Tinnitus


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