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DISCLAIMER: This list of audiologists is for informational purposes only. Some of the audiologists listed below have indicated their area(s) of speciality.
The American Academy of Audiology specifically disclaims knowledge of an individual's speciality and all such claims are those of the individual audiologist.
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Natalie Fulgham, Au.D.

Alane Hudson, M.S.

Jennifer McInnish, AuD

Dana Walchek, AuD


Robert Staton, AuD


Rodney Brannan, AuD


William Gottlick, AuD


Richard Gresham, AuD

Marilyn Gresham, Au.D.


Robyn Abernathy, AuD

George Murphree, AuD

Vestavia Hills

Julibeth Jones, AuD

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